PAT Testing Explained

  • Establish an electrical tool, equipment and appliance register, preferably using a safety Testing software programme.
  • Carry out regular visual inspections.
  • Nominate a 'dutyholder' with responsibility for the safety of electrical equipment - ensure ‘dutyholder' is fully trained.
  • Commit to regular inspection and test program and determine the frequency of testing in consultation with IEE recommendations.
  • Ensure tests are carried out in keeping with the frequency of testing plan.
  • Establish a formal record keeping system, file or software..
  • Determine a re-test schedule well in advance

Part of our commitment to our client is to ensure that we are thorough, bearing in mind all that we have stated above. Cables and appliances that cannot be reached or examined for whatever reason will not be passed.

We will immediately explain to the duty holder or responsible person that we cannot test a certain appliance, and discuss a solution.

We are sure that you will find this professional approach and thoroughness refreshing, as we do strive to exceed expectations wherever possible.

Sadly in this industry where there are engineers who are not carrying out proper visual examinations and doing the job too quickly, this is robbing you, the client, of the proper service you deserve.