Our Prices

The price of PAT testing varies, on a number of factors, such as:

  • Number of appliances present on any one site
  • Ease of access to appliances - can we do a proper and thorough check
  • Whether larger appliances such as computers have to be moved
  • Location
  • Type of appliances involved (e.g a bar or social club is more difficult to test than an open plan office)

We are keen as a company to meet you face to face, and obtain an overview of your appliances before quoting, wherever possible. We offer a free survey without obligation, to ascertain pricing. If a company gives you a price without even asking basic questions about the layout and type of appliances, please think again about their approach and thoroughness.

As a guide, and in general, somewhere between £1.40 - £2.40 per appliance is a sensible guide price for testing, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Our minimum fee for call-out, ie, a rented property, is £50 plus VAT. However if you only have a few appliances we can test at our office for less than that. We welcome this business as not everyone has hundreds of appliances.

Normally our quotes will include all travel to site, but this will be clearly mentioned. Beware - some companies may offer a low unit price but then charge site visit fees on top.

Contact us today to discuss your testing requirements:

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