PAT Testing Explained

Periodic Testing and Inspection of electrical installations is necessary for the prevention of damage from wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, environmental influences and ageing.

Electrical installations must be maintained in a safe condition and periodical testing of your equipment may be required by law, your insurance company, landlord, mortgage Loan Company or other public body.

Periodic testing and inspection may be necessary to assess compliance with current IEE electricity wiring regulations. If you are the new owner or new tenant of your premises it may be wise as well as required. The change of use of premises or following alterations to an original installation would make electrical safety testing essential, or if you make a significant change in the electrical loading of an installation, or if there is any suspicion of damage being caused. Neglect of faulty electrical apparatus could cause injuries to your staff or customers, and you could incur lost income and hefty fines. Your insurance might even be invalidated.

Certain maximum periods are permitted between electrical periodic inspections:

Commercial Installations - 5 years. Industrial Installations - 3 years. Buildings open to the public - 1 year. External Installations - 3 years. Caravan Parks - 1 year. Fire Alarms - 1 year. Short term and site Installations - 3 months.

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