Electrical Health & Safety In The News

Electrical Health & Safety In The News

We're always on the look-out for helpful news items that demonstrate the importance of regular inspection and testing, and recently two articles came along at once.

A regular inspection and testing regime has one primary aim, and that's safety. Regular inspections are also preventative. They can reveal issues with either the fixing wiring installation or appliances in use on the premises before a serious accident or incident occurs. Finally, in the unhappy event of an accident or incident, evidence of regular inspections can demonstrate that the employer has taken 'all reasonably practicable steps' to maintain the premises and equipment to a satisfactory standard. This could be the cornerstone of a legal defence argument if a business owner is prosecuted either by the Health and Safety Executive, or by an employee or visitor to the business premises.

For a full rundown of the law as it relates to electrical safety, get our free download using this link.

All employers have a legal duty to protect staff, visitors and the general public from any dangers on their site. In the articles we highlight below, a regular inspection and testing regime was clearly not in place, and the very worst scenario played out, with one director receiving a custodial sentence as a result.

We got into the PAT testing business because we were motivated to see the job done properly, and felt that many companies were not taking the time to inspect and test thoroughly.

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