Fire Safety for Landlords

Fire Safety for Landlords

We came across a timely reminder this week that landlords have a raft of responsibilities when it comes to keeping their premises safe for tenants.

With our son preparing to leave for University in a few days, along with thousands of other students across the UK, the item really resonated.

In the comments section, one reader stated that PAT testing is not mandatory. And, as we clearly state in our popular download explaining the law around testing and inspection, this is correct. However, there are a number of excellent reasons for considering PAT testing as part of a regular regime of testing and inspection.

Testing benefits the tenant:

- Generally increased safety in the property

- Gives tenants peace of mind, where landlords can demonstrate recent testing and inspection

- Reduces risk of accident or injury

- Reduces fire risk

Testing benefits the landlord:

- Protects tenants and the fabric of the building from increased risk of injury or damage

- Protects the business or landlord from increased risk of insurance claims

- Reduces impact on insurance premiums

- Improves tenant confidence, and willingness to rent, where evidence of testing and inspection is available

- Provides vital evidence in case of accident or injury to a tenant or visitor to the property

- Provides vital evidence in case of private prosecution brought by a tenant or visitor to the property

- Reduces risk of property being empty due to fire damage or other safety issue

- An inexpensive way of demonstrating that safety is a high priority for your business

- Easy to schedule on a regular basis

As you can see, inspection and testing is a win-win scenario and the benefits to the landlord are significant. If you want to reduce the risk of your property sitting empty due to lack of confidence from potential tenants, or due to an electrical fire, or other safety issue, PAT testing is one vital pillar of your safety regime.

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