Testing Procedures

Key tasks:

PAT Testing ProceduresWe visually inspect the appliance looking for obvious and some not so obvious defects.

Plugs are dismantled where so designed.

Terminals are checked for tightness and fuses are checked and replaced with the correct rating if incorrect or of a non- approved type.

Each item is put through a series of pre-set tests on specialised equipment to establish if it conforms to current legislation.

Those items that pass have a PASS label attached stating the date on which a re-test is due.

We produce a written report telling you the status of each of your appliances.

We maintain a copy of the report back at our office in case of loss or if required in the event of an enquiry.


At KTS we use the latest equipment manufactured by Seaward - the Apollo range ensures accurate reporting and detailed results for your asset register. the equipment we use is calibrated regularly and certificated can be viewed on request.


All relevant equipment is inspected and tested. We even carry out minor repairs as we find them.

Testing and Labelling

You can be sure that any appliance that does not meet electrical safety requirements will be marked as such with a FAIL sticker and rendered inoperable. All those that pass will carry our PASS label which tells you, your staff and your customers that the appliance can be used in safety.

You can rest easy knowing that we have taken care of everything from your report, to remembering your next test.