PAT Testing Explained

So you want PAT testing explained, right? Or maybe, you don’t – in fact what you really want is 2 things – first you may want COMPLIANCE. Say you have been asked by your insurance company to tick that box! Or maybe you need to comply because a venue has told you “no admittance” unless they see a certificate. But what you really want is SAFETY, although I would suggest that what you really want is BOTH.

If I was drill manufacturer trying to sell you drills, that’s what you want, isn’t it? A drill? Not so – what you actually want is a “hole”.

So it’s the same with PAT testing – who actually wants someone to come round with a computer in a box and take all your leads and test them, then put them all back? Not many people I know. You may have had a PAT regime for years, and you know it ought to be done – that’s good. But what do you really want? Some companies will give you COMPLIANCE - you get a piece of paper at the end – great. But do you get SAFETY as well? Not always. It depends how the testing is done, and how quickly.

At KTS Ltd we offer a combination of COMPLIANCE and SAFETY. We think SAFETY is more important than jumping through hoops to get what you want. If there is one lead, one appliance, or one “thing” out of 10,000 that is going to cause damage, a shock, or a fire, we want to find it, and we think it’s important to find it.