PAT Test Certificates

PAT testing certificate is extremely important documents that should be retained for around five years as evidence that a routine testing regime has been maintained within your organisation.

Your certificates should show your entire asset register, including leads. They should be detailed, and show plenty of information about each appliance, including results for all the tests.

Most importantly, details on failed appliances should be recorded. If your PAT testing company does not give you a written report detailing failed appliances and what action the engineer has taken to remove them from service, or at least report them to a responsible person, ask them why? This is part of the job.

Where Health and Safety is concerned, in the event of an accident or incident, you may be required to prove that you have taken all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors to your premises and the general public. So we advise that you insist on detailed certificates, and recommend that you work with a business that will also retain these records as a back-up.  


Electrical Safety with PAT Testing Certificates

A PAT testing certificate is a crucial document that validates the safety and compliance of electrical equipment following portable appliance testing (PAT). It serves as proof that your equipment has passed safety checks, demonstrating its adherence to work regulations. These certificates catalog detailed information, including test results, specifications of the tested equipment, dates when tests were conducted, and schedules for future tests. 

By securing a PAT test certificate for your electrical gear, you not only align with regulatory standards but also promote a safer workplace environment. Furthermore, this compliance could lead to reductions in insurance costs due to lowered risk assessments by insurers.

Kingsmead Testing simplifies the process of acquiring a portable appliance testing certificate. We offer end-to-end assistance—from arranging inspections to handing over your PAT test certificate. Moreover, we keep you informed on pat testing frequency and costs, ensuring you're up-to-date with your electrical safety obligations. Our support extends beyond issuing certificates; we provide reminders for upcoming tests and offer follow-up services to uphold the highest standards of safety in your operations.


Importance of qualifications

Securing a PAT testing certificate presents significant advantages for businesses by ensuring compliance with electricity at work regulations. This proactive approach helps sidestep legal complications and the risk of fines, highlighting an organization's commitment to safety. It serves as a tangible record that electrical equipment has undergone rigorous portable appliance testing, affirming its safety for use in the workplace.

Portable electrical equipment requires consistent inspection and testing. A PAT tester specializes in these tasks, contributing to comprehensive risk assessments that ensure your business's portable electrical appliances meet stringent safety standards. The assurance that comes from this thorough evaluation process grants peace of mind—everyone can trust in the safe operation of their tools and devices.

Many companies offering PAT testing services will state the importance of being NICEIC / ECA registered. Whilst this is something to look out for, we would suggest that competence and experience are even more important. As well having City and Guilds 2377 qualification, the engineer should regularly carry out this work, and know what he/she is doing! Some low cost companies may send an engineer who has had little on the job experience, leaving them unsure as to what test to carry out on some items. We do this work every day. Do not risk working with inexperienced engineers.

Steps to Obtain PAT Test Certificates

Obtaining a PAT testing certificate from Kingsmead Testing is a straightforward, efficient process. It kicks off with an initial step of scheduling an inspection. Our certified testers then conduct comprehensive examinations and tests on all your portable electrical appliances, ensuring thoroughness and adherence to the highest safety standards.

During the pat testing, each piece of electrical equipment undergoes rigorous assessment, guided by the latest protocols for electrical equipment testing. After completing these tests, our team systematically records the outcomes in preparation for issuing detailed PAT test certificates. These certificates encompass all vital information regarding the performed tests and assessed equipment, guaranteeing clarity and compliance.

Furthermore, Kingsmead Testing is committed to not just testing electrical equipment but also ensuring long-term safety and compliance. We provide invaluable follow-up services including reminders for future re-testing and periodic risk assessments. This ensures that your portable electrical equipment remains up to industry standards, mitigating any hazards associated with daily use.

By choosing us for your PAT testing needs, you benefit from transparent pat testing costs and access to expert advice potentially stemming from a comprehensive pat testing course curriculum followed by our professionals. With Kingsmead Testing, safeguarding your portable appliances against risks becomes hassle-free and reliable.


The risks of not having an up to date Certificate

The laws and recommendations on testing frequencies for various types of appliances are varied, leaving you to decide how often you feel your appliances should be tested. However there are serious risks if you do not have a regime of testing that is regular. For example:

You may be in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or the Construction and Design Management Regulations 2015.
Your insurance policy may be invalidated.
Any accident or incident that does occur could lead to prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive, or a private prosecution brought by an employee or individual.
You could be subject to a fine or even imprisonment.
You could be increasing the risk of fire at your premises.
Incidents such as fires and accidents cause serious injuries, contribute to loss of business, and damage your company's reputation.


At KTS, your compliance is our business. You can rest easy, knowing that we have taken care of everything; from your report, to reminding you about your next test.




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