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 In any workplace, the safety of employees and the public is paramount. Regular Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) plays a critical role in this, helping to identify and mitigate electrical hazards. PAT testing involves thorough electrical tests like an insulation resistance test and formal visual inspection conducted by a certified PAT tester. This comprehensive testing procedure ensures that all portable electrical equipment meets safety standards.

Understanding and complying with legal responsibilities, such as those stipulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) under the Health and Safety at Work Act, is essential for maintaining a safe work environment. Neglecting these obligations can result in severe penalties. Meticulous record-keeping and documentation of test results are crucial for ongoing compliance.

A properly managed PAT testing process not only confirms the reliability of your electrical equipment but also provides valuable records, like a PAT test certificate, which validates your commitment to safety. Integrating these practices through regular inspection and testing fosters a safer, more compliant workplace. By prioritizing electrical safety through diligent risk assessment and using appropriate PAT testing equipment, businesses can ensure a secure environment for everyone involved.

As a business you require three things from PAT testing:

  1. SAFETY - The number one objective of a quality testing regime, and a comprehensive health and safety procedure is the safety of your workers, visitors to your premises and the general public. This is the primary objective of PAT testing, so insist on a high quality testing service with competent, qualified and experienced engineers who have been working in the field for many years. Conducting thorough electronic tests helps identify and rectify potential hazards early on. Professional PAT testers use specific test voltages to ensure accurate results. By ensuring all equipment is regularly tested and maintained, organizations fulfil their legal responsibilities and obligations. Annual testing of appliances, even in low-risk environments, is often a legal requirement. Adhering to these regulations not only ensures compliance but also minimizes risks associated with electrical work. Ultimately, diligent PAT testing contributes to creating a safer working environment for everyone involved.

  2. COMPLIANCE - The law says you must have a maintenance and inspection regime in place for all portable appliances. Your insurance company may also ask you to tick that box, and offer you lower insurance premiums if you are able to provide evidence of a rigorous testing regime. Or maybe you need to comply because a venue or customer site has said 'no admittance' until they see a certificate. You need to ensure that compliance is not just a 'box ticking' exercise, and that your portable appliances are thoroughly inspected, to reduce the risk of injuries, accidents and fire in your workplace.

  3. DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE - The law requires you to prove that you have done everything reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of your workers and anyone else who comes on site or to your premises. The best way to do this is to provide recent proof of independent, quality appliance testing by an established company. 

It's very important that you can tick all three boxes. Some companies will give you COMPLIANCE, with a piece of paper at the end, but do you get SAFETY as well? Not always. It depends how the testing is done, and how quickly. We think SAFETY is more important than rushing through the work. If there is one lead, one appliance out of 1,000 that is going to cause damage, a shock, or a fire, we want to find it, and we think it’s important to find it.

At KTS Ltd we offer a combination of COMPLIANCE, SAFETY and EVIDENCE. 


Do you work with self-employed contractors?

It is your responsibility to ensure that they are also maintaining and inspecting their portable electrical appliances. You should be reviewing this information each year, even if they are responsible for their own health and safety. Put them in touch with us for convenient and efficient, quality testing of their tools, cables and equipment.

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At KTS, your compliance is our business. You can rest easy, knowing that we have taken care of everything; from your report, to reminding you about your next test.




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